Part 1: Stranded on the Bight



Part 1


We travel to some very remote places and have always been able to get ourselves out of difficult situations. Not this time though, this time it was very different.


Stu’s time off had begun and our plan this week was to head east of Balladonia roadhouse and follow a track down to the Great Australian Bight. We would then spend the week traveling along the coast and end up in Esperance.

Driving the track at night was really fun and a little creepy. We didn’t want to camp anywhere along it as there were huge spiders constantly running across in front of us. We were happy to reach the beach and set up camp.

It was a beautiful clear night with a full moon and stars scattered across the sky.

We were woken by the morning sun, packed up and headed to the cliffs to have breakfast. This area was so interesting with loads of caves, pink sand and wild ocean.

Heading west after breakfast, we explored the Bilbunya Dunes. I love how sand dunes are always changing and shifting. Your footprints and tyre tracks are always gone the next day like a clean slate.


The drive along the beach was a dream. The sand was hard, the tide was out and the sun was shining.

We stopped to check out a net that had washed up covered in mussels and noticed a dry salt lake just over the hill. We looked at each other and thinking the same thing, jumped in the car to head over the hill and follow a track along the lake.


We know it’s not a great idea to drive on salt lakes but this one was really dry and hard so we had no trouble driving around on this huge open plain. 

Little did we know this would be our biggest mistake.

After driving for a while we suddenly hit a soft patch and came to a stop. We tried reversing but had no luck so we jumped out setting up the maxi tracks and tried again. No luck.

We let the tyres down a bit more. No luck

We started digging and set the tracks up better. No luck

We let the tyres down more dug some more. No luck

For the next 8 hours we tried everything we could think of with no luck.

Wet, muddy and cold we headed to the beach to wash off and collapsed into our bed completely defeated.

We were woken in the night with heavy rain that continued to fall for the entire day.  The water continued to rise and we joked about how parking in a lake when it’s raining was probably not the smartest idea.