A Ghost Town and a Horse

If you have never heard of the town Kookynie you wouldn’t be the only person. It is a town with a fascinating history and if you want to make a new friend bring some carrots.  

Kookynie is situated approximatley 800km north east of Perth, Western Australia and back in its hey day had a population of around 3500, most of which came in search of Gold.  The town had a public swimming pool, 11 hotels a brewery and received trains daily from Kalgoorlie.

Today this ghost town has one pub, one hotel and half a dozen residents. You can walk around the ruins and read about the history, trying to imagine what life was like back in 1907 with all the excitement of successful prospecting.  

After walking around for a while in 38-degree heat it was time for an ice-cold beer at the pub. Walking up to the door you may mistake the giant horse standing across the front for a statue, but he is no fake.



Willie is an ex trotter who was left behind on a station and has taken up residence there. He came to the pub one day looking famished and the kind owners Kevin and Margaret gave him 6 buckets of water and some food.

Since that day he has never left. Margaret explained to us that he is a resident here and everyone looks after him.

Margaret was one of the most humble women I have ever met. She had an almost mothering persona to anyone coming in to buy alcohol; not allowing anyone to buy too much. We could have sat there all day listening to her stories and looking through all of the artifacts they have collected over the years.



After feeding Willie some carrots the best thing to do to cool down, other than drinking beer is head to the Niagara Dam. A large natural catchment area with marked out camping spot. The water is cool and refreshing on a hot summers day.


People come far and wide to visit this historical town and we can definitely see why. The charm, the history, the people and the horse are what make this town so special. So if you are out this way be sure to pop in and visit Willie, Margaret and Kevin, I promise you it will be a memorable experience.