Meeting Strangers

Traveling on your own it would be very easy to isolate yourself but why would you? There are so many incredible people to meet in this world.

This week Stu had other commitments so I drove to Esperance and spent the next 9 days exploring this beautiful part of the country all on my own.

Upon arriving at the Ocean View Caravan Park I set up my bed and headed off to make dinner. I have found the camp kitchen is one of the easiest places to meet people. I always ask about people’s meals and where they are from or going.

On this day I met a lovely couple from Kalgoorlie, Kay and Ron. They spoke to me about their catamaran and invited me to come sailing with them the next day.

The following morning was perfect weather and I met them down at the boat harbor. This is when I found out Kay was not really keen on sailing and was happy for me to take her place. I was excited to say the least and threw the life jacket on immediately.  


I was given a quick sailing lesson and we were off. The wind was perfect and we sailed back and forth from the shore. You could not wipe the smile off my face and when I told them they had made my day Ron told me I had made his.

Sailing was a big passion for him and to be able to take me out and see how much I enjoyed it brought him so much joy.

After a few hours the white caps started to form and it was getting a bit rough so we headed back in and I was invited to their camp for some champagne and nibbles.

We continued into the night talking about everything and anything. These two had so many stories to tell. A couple of bottles later I walked back to my site feeling content.  


Over the next few days I was taken sailing a few more times and driven to a couple of the beaches I had never been to. We also shared a few more bottles of champagne and had some great conversations.

If I had never spoken to them I would have missed out on all of those amazing experiences. The kindness they showed to me will never be forgotten. 


It doesn’t take a lot to start a conversation and you never know you might make someone’s day.